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Welcome to my personal Travel and Lifestyle website!

My name is Arjana a 24 year old Creative Online Media Enthusiast and Traveller at heart.
I create, share and engage in an online world that is ever expanding whilst travelling.

Here you can read more about me

About Me

So I guess you want to know more about me huh?

Well here it goes..

Born and raised in the Netherlands my Filipina mom thought me education is key to succes in life. “because which typical asian mom doesn’t, right?”

So with those words planted as a foundation in life, it was only during my Masters of Media Technology, that I realized I was entering the “rat race” that laid out a life of being mainstream (and I’m really trying to avoid that).

So I decided to face my fears and set out to do the things I actually love doing. That being travel and Social Media I (and the boyfriend) booked a one way ticket to explore South-East Asia for a year whilst creating content and sharing my experiences trough creativity on different social media platforms.

We’ve currently visited: Kuala Lumpur, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Chiang Mai, Bali.
and will be visiting; The Philippines (Cebu, El Nido & Coron) and Seoul.

Was that enough for you? I hope so, if not! Hit me up in the comments or social media or email with your questions. I’m happy to answer them!