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Ars Electronica! Linz, Austria

As part of my Masters programme, I needed to attend a festival for Art, Technology and society called: Ars Electronica. The theme was Total Recall – The Evolution of Memory.

This festival was held in Linz, Austria. The only factor that bummed me out was that it would take a 12 hour bus ride to get there *sigh* Thank God for iPads and series! I zoned out watching ‘Dexter’ and before I knew it, we were in Austria.

We were allowed to do our own thanggg, which was awesome! I hate being in a group forced to follow this one person that knows everyyything… I want to figure things out for myself, go on a adventure if you know what i mean?

I must say Austria has treated us very nicely. Sleeping at a very well maintained hostel, crashing gala’s in shorts and sneakers, went swimming because there was a special divvy going on (which also gave free use of sauna’s ‘nd jacuzzi’s), going out and only having to pay less that 2 euros pp for the cab and of course the opportunity to enjoy the lovely view on one of the mountains in Linz.

BUT that wasn’t the main reason of us going to Linz. The festival itself was a hell of an awesome experience. We got to see, hear, feel things that you have or haven’t seen before. The use of technology to expand art for society was an amazing thing to experience and it definitely shaped my view of the future.
I made a short video for you guys to watch, enjoy!
Bless. Janaa x

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