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My name is Arjana a 24 year old Creative Online Media Enthusiast and Traveller at heart.
I create, share and engage in an online world that is ever expanding whilst travelling.

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Israel & Jordan

Day 1: Aqaba – Jordania It finally happend, we arrived in Jordan! The first amongst a lot of places we will still be visiting. Here to update you guys on the first day. For a place that commonly hits the news on a negative scale, it doesn’t feel/seem so after a day well spent. People…

Ars Electronica! Linz, Austria

As part of my Masters programme, I needed to attend a festival for Art, Technology and society called: Ars Electronica. The theme was Total Recall – The Evolution of Memory. This festival was held in Linz, Austria. The only factor that bummed me out was that it would take a 12 hour bus ride to…