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  • How the beauty of El Nido – Coron, Palawan can grow your Instagram account!

How the beauty of El Nido – Coron, Palawan can grow your Instagram account!

This article will show the instagrammable possibilities you can create in El Nido – Coron, to grow your instagram account.

El nido – Coron your next instagrowth

Instagram always does it’s visual right for travel inspiration. Especially tropical places like; The Maldives, Bora Bora, The Seychelles or Hawaii etc. They are always keen to hit high likes and comments on IG.

“According to research, blue photos lead to more Instagram likes.”

Unfortunately for most, including myself, these places are just way to expensive. The good news is that there are enough cheaper places on planet earth that live up to the beauty of the aforementioned dream destinations (just less luxurious). One of them being Palawan, the archipelagic province of the Philippines!

I think most people, who have visited El nido – Coron, can agree with me.. it’s friggin BEAUTIFUL! The crystal clear waters, lush landscapes, lagoons, brightly coloured coral and exotic fishies will definitely create intense wanderlust feelings.

It’s beauty will also create some peaks when it comes down to statistics. I’ve seen some amazing growth on my instagram, since I posted pictures from Palawan.. and statistics don’t lie.

Number of comments

“You can’t manage what you can’t measure.”

Number of likes

Where is El Nido or Coron?

Right.. If you haven’t heard of these places, I might just give you a hand. El Nido and Coron are located in the province Palawan. Part of an archipelago of over 7000 islands, located in Southeast Asia in the Western Pacific Ocean between Borneo in the South and Taiwan in the North.

The good news is that traveling to Palawan became a lot easier and there are cheap flights from all over Asia, so no excuses! Direct flights from Europe, Australia and the US can also be found now.

Now lets get to it! Presenting, a list of Palawans instagrammable possibilities to grow your account. Let’s double tap to that!



Lagoons will be hard to miss when visiting Palawan and they are really as gorgeous as in the pictures. My favourite lagoon in El Nido is called the Big Lagoon. El nido offers 4 tours (A,B,C,D), of which tour A will bring you to the famous Big Lagoon.

The ‘Blue lagoon’ is what you see in the picture above and can be found during a hike up the hill towards Kayangan lake. Coron offers various tours, so just keep an eye on kayangan lake and you’ll definitely get a chance to snap a view of ‘The blue lagoon’.

Bright clean fresh ocean


Palawan lies between the South China Sea and the Sulu Sea. It contains one of the brightest, clearest, most colourful waters I’ve ever seen and it’s definitely Palawans most beautiful asset.
A lot of snorkeling went down during our visit, because it’s so much fun to actually see what life down below is all about.

If you have the opportunity to dive, please do so! The diving scene in coron is really spectacular, as there are a lot of Japanese WOII wrecks to be found. Next to that, the coral gardens are absolutely stunning and are still very much in tact.

Sun Shine


You don’t have to worry about not getting any sun during rainyseason (as I was during our visit in November). I encountered only 1 rainfall and that was during the night. You might be encountering some clouds, but the sun just evaporates all that uglyness to ensure you’ll have a great stay. Don’t forget your sunscreen!



They say Kayangan Lake, has one of the most surreal crystal-clear turquoise waters. The volcanic lake is nestled between two limestone mountains, it contains more fresh water than salt water so be prepared for a bigger workout as you won’t float that easy. The water is fresh, clean and warm, I also spotted loads of needle fish in the water.

An oceanbed full of coral


Unfortunately the coral in El Nido is already suffering from tourism, it will be difficult to find brightly coloured coral. If your looking for some great coral gardens, Coron is the place to be. The coral in Coron was a next level experience with al the colors and exotic fishies. Make sure to buy a underwater camera, because it’s worth the snapshot!

White sandy beaches


The biggest contrast with a the lush green colors and vibrant sea will be the extremely white sandy beaches that almost hurt your eyes when the sun shines on it. Pair it with some bright swimwear and it’s a striking sight to see.

The final call: Are you ready?


The sea will be your best friend whilst visiting, so make sure to prepare for that. Another tip is to engage in water activities like kayaking, standup paddleboarding, snorkeling, diving etc. It will create some great experiences and footage that will last for a lifetime.

These picturesque places are on the rise as more and more travellers are chasing those instagram inspirations. Get ready to bring your gear to this amazing place and snap some gorgeous shots to blow everyone away!

Don’t forget! #Itsmorefuninthephilippines
I wish you all a happy new year with grand travels and unique adventures!

Thank you for reading.

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