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Israel & Jordan

Day 1: Aqaba – Jordania

It finally happend, we arrived in Jordan! The first amongst a lot of places we will still be visiting.
Here to update you guys on the first day.

For a place that commonly hits the news on a negative scale, it doesn’t feel/seem so after a day well spent.
People are friendly, open, generous and interesting.

The food is good, the weather is hot (but bearable) and the view is gorgeous. Hope the pictures will say more, as I need to hit the slacks because we will travel to Israel tomorrow morning.

Bless ♥

Day 2: Timna, Jerusalem, Bethlehem – Israel

Early start today, as we set foot on Holy Land – Israel!
After quite some trouble coming from the border of Jordan to Israel, I’m happy to have crossed.
First impression; BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE, it seems so fake, but I promise that the people here are beautiful!

We met our tour guide whom is very knowledgable and a Christian herself.
After crossing the border, we visited the Negev dessert, Timna valley, the Ramon krater and Sde Boker, which have amazing landscapes.

We then headed on to our hotel in Bethlehem, passing Jerusalem and such. We had a lovely dinner and ended the night watching the World cup football and updating on social media.

One things true, this is going to be very exhausting!

Feeling very Blessed ♥

Day 3: Old city of Jerusalem – Israel

Alright so today was the most overwhelming day so far.

We visited the old city of Jerusalem, meaning to say that we walked the streets that Jesus walked, was crucified and buried.
We started from the Olive mountain down and up to Golgotha, passing the wailing walls and even had the chance to experience the bar mitzvah’s of jewish boys.

It’s actually too much to explain and I myself need to let this all sink in. It’s really overwhelming and only knowing that this is the third day, I can begin grasping the meaning of this trip.

Overwhelmed ♥

Day 4: Yad Vashem, Knesset Parliament & Bethlehem – Israel

Today started off emotionally, as we visited Yad Vashem; the Holocaust memorial Museum.
It exhibits the original findings of WOII and presents this very neatly in a triangle shaped building.
We then headed on the Israeli Parliament also known as the Knesset Parliament. Funny enough I don’t find the building interesting, especially for a parliament.

Lastly we visited Bethlehem, where we visited the Shepherds Field and the birthplace of Jesus.
We topped the day off roaming around the local markets of Bethlehem and talking to some locals.
Excited for tomorrow as we are going to Masada and swim in the dead sea!

Not tired though ♥

Day 5: Masada, Dead Sea, New Jerusalem – Israel

Hottest day so far, of which its highlight was swimming in the dead sea.

Overlooking the Dead Sea, is an ancient fort built during king Herod’s reign, which we visited first. It is a beautiful ancient piece of history located on top of a rock cliff.
We then had a wonderful typical israeli picnic prepared by our tour guide and headed on towards the dead sea!
The dead sea is awesome to experience, putting the black mud on your skin and then float in the water.
We ended the day visiting New Jerusalem and did some shopping.

Rejuvenated ♥

Day 6: Ceasarea, Haifa, Megiddo, Nazareth & Tiberias – Israel

Today we’ve done a lot, have seen a lot, have walked a lot and i am tired… A LOT!

Starting with Ceararea which was built during the reign of king Herod.
Then visited the harbor area Haifa which has a beautiful temple including gardens.
We also saw Megiddo which has 25 tenement layers and is still under research by archeologist.
Before arriving at Tiberias we still had the time to visit Nazareth.
We topped the day off visiting the harbor of Tiberias at night which was a huge cardio workout, cause of the steep streets.

Sleepy ♥

Day 7: Capernaum, Galilea, Tiberias, Mount Hermon & Jordan River

Was too busy packing yesterday to add a description.

We started of on the mountain of beautitudes, which has a beautiful landscape and where Jesus preached his evangelism (Matt 5:4).
On to capernaum, which is known to be the town of Jesus. We then took a boat trip on the lake of Galilea and went on to tiberias.

Most emotional part was to be on Mount hermon where we could look out on Syria.
A devastating moment, because we saw 4 bombings happening of which smoke clouds came out. I took pictures of this surreal moment.
We ended the day at the jordan river, where you could be baptised and where fishies eat your skin!

Happy ♥

Day 8: Um Qais, Jerash & Amman – Jordan

Yesterday was the last day in Israel, we had an early start because we needed to cross the border back to Jordan.
We then passed Um Qais which is a town in the Northern part of Jordan, from there we visited The ancient town Gadara.
We had lunch at a lovely local place and then headed on to Jerash. We visited the Roman city of Gerasa, which is situated in the modern city of Jerash.
We then went to our new hotel, which is pretty luxurious. It contains a health city (fitness, sauna, jacuzzi, steam cabin etc.)

Feeling relaxed ♥

Day 9 & 10: Amman, Keral castle, Mount Nebo & Petra


Day 11: Petra – Jordan

Today we’ve managed to walk and climb about 18 KM at Petra!
It was tough but manageable and the reward is amazing!

Enjoy the pictures.
Ready for bed ♥

Day 12 & 13: Wadi Rum dessert – Jordan

Yesterday was all about the dessert. Also know as Wadi Rum, we stayed there and entire day and night.

We started off drinking some tea after arrival and “checking in” to the tents where we would be sleeping. It’s a beautifully set up camp in the middle of nowhere.
We then went on a jeep tour trough the dessert for about 4 hours. The landscape was mind blowing and passing by some camels made it even more interesting!
We ended the tour by looking at the sunset, then headed back to camp.

We ate a lovely dinner accompanied by a live band. The dinner was followed up with music on which we had to dance on (ARABIC STYLE!) It was so much fun and the stars were beautifully lit, as I gazed up at the sky.

Today we headed to Aqaba, where we will stay 2 nights before our departure. It was all about packing and relaxing at the pool, as tomorrow we will be snorkelling at Berenice beach!

Ready to go home ♥

Day 14: Berenice Beach

And the last day has come to an end..
Today we went to the popular Berenice beach, where you can snorkel and dive in to the sea with beautiful coral and colorful fishies!

Almost home ♥

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