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Life-Size Inflatable Unicorn Island Off the Philippine Coast!

Wait until you see this newest, extremely colorful, and insanely creative Inflatable Island in the Philippines! Have a look on the photos and I’m pretty sure you’ll grab your planner and book a flight to this tropical country right away!

Who says Unicorns are just for kids?

This colorful island of huge inflatable unicorns instantly became a traveler’s paradise the moment it opened its gates for everyone. A lot of beach enthusiasts and travelholics have been raving about this place since its opening. 

Here’s one of the reasons why: It’s insanely cheap!

Play passes

Prices range from Php 499 ($10) for an hour pass to Php 849 (16 USD) for a whole-day pass. With this amount, you can enjoy all the adventures it has to offer and take photos of this inflatable beach dreamland that will wreak havoc in your Instagram account!

So if you’ve been looking for a summer experience that’ll blow your mind, this life-size inflatable unicorn paradise in the Philippines will not fail you.inflatable unicorn

Don’t be surprised when you drool rainbows upon reaching this magical destination in Subic Bay, Philippines.  It’s only an hour and twenty minutes away from the Clark International Airport so no hassle in terms of traveling.

Why else would it be called a unicorn wonderland but because of the enormous inflatable unicorns and numerous rainbow-colored walkways that lead you to them?pink bali lounge

Imagine huge floating platforms of pink white and blue colors with inflatable slides, swings, towers, and human launchers.But before embracing all these fun, appreciate its beauty first by looking at it from the Pink Bali Lounge. This spot in the Inflatable Island is filled with pink and purple umbrellas with comfy bean bags under that allow visitors to relax and just fall in love with the place.

Take wide-angle photos of the Island from the Lounge before you head on to your cute adventure.

Now you can start jumping into this gigantic maze of fun activities! Play along its slippery slopes, inflatable dinosaurs and unicorns, jungle bars, monkey vines, and huge jumping pillows.


Take photos of yourself in that fierce bikini against this colorful backdrop and you’ll instantly look like a star lost in a candy paradise!

And please, do yourself a favor. Don’t leave this place without hugging the largest fluffy attraction in this inflatable paradise – Baba the Unicorn!


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